Will you question to gain understanding or intentionally misunderstand to justify bias?

I have a lot of respect for people who make polarising statements. I may not always agree with their sentiment but it takes a certain strength to present an idea that you know will be misunderstood.

“Cancel culture” and “outrage” are the language of social media. Nuance is the name of the game. People will overlook (fail to understand) nuance to support their statements and equally create (magically understand) nuance to justify their outrage.

The mediums through which we consume what should be unbiased news are ethically suspect. Combine that with the snapshot opinions and alternative news presented on social media and misinterpretation is inevitable.

Most of my best conversations happen offline and that’s because they are exactly that. Offline conversations that consist of an exchange of ideas. If I don’t know something I will ask questions (or do research), with the aim of gaining understanding and finding an answer. If I am factually wrong, I will adjust my perception accordingly.

Nothing is ever clear-cut and that’s why we can’t overlook nuance. We need to ask questions and have conversations that equate to more than a social media back and forth.

I’m not an expert on social relations but I am willing to learn and ask questions about things I don’t completely understand. I am becoming a little more confident in voicing my views because that’s how we can start conversations. I choose to share my thoughts through writing and my biggest concern is that what I’m trying to say will be misconstrued. Whether because people don’t have the time to read lengthy prose or choose to not to.

Yesterday I posted my opinion on the concept of Black Supremacy with reference to Malorie Blackman’s “Noughts & Crosses” and of course there is a possibility it may have been misinterpreted. I made mention of Malorie Blackman being accused of being “anti-white” because of her writing and that exactly is my point in action.

The issue of “race” (a term I wish to avoid using to describe ethnicities) is a sensitive one and bound to offend. There are so many social constructs in place I often wonder if people assess what they see and read through the lens of these constructs, as oppose what they personally perceive to be true.

Are your thoughts yours or are you unwittingly regurgitating the thoughts of somebody or something else?

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