Goddess Vibrates OG Will “Make Healing Contagious” – This Is The Genesis

Goddess Vibrates OG knows that sometimes it’s you vs. you and now this artist is ready to take her power back, by telling her truth and being forgiving. I was touched when she said “after today, I will no longer carry this baggage.”

I nearly cried when I heard what she was brave enough to share in this video but I was numb. I’ve spent so many years not directly addressing my trauma but here is Goddess Vibrates OG with the strength to share her pain with the world, in order to heal.

She looked into the camera and forgave people who have hurt her, with an admirable understanding of why they carried out those actions. She also addressed her parents and featured various videos from people who contributed to the beautiful movement she is championing. Mental health is the focus and healing is the goal.

Be sure to read the video description for lots of helpful information. Subscribe to her channel to watch the movement grow and follow her on Instagram, @GoddessVibratesOG. She is a bright light and her posts have made me smile, picked me up when I’m down and inspired me.

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