It’s A Busy Life

You can take their advice and drop your issues at the door,
they’ll still provoke you with questions, rile you up – more.
Life is balancing conundrums, doing what we need to do;
some days it’s a polite “hi, bye” and be on the move.

Speak with conviction – when suits, they’ll brand it attitude.
Try to stay humble and show more than due gratitude.
Seen proof, they recite the truth with selective magnitude;
if they go too far, I exercise a little latitude.

They don’t understand the contrast, or see it lies in function
but I’ve become accustomed to some ignorant assumptions.

The quality of interaction has taken a decline.
Do we truly listen to understand or simply listen to reply?
Undercover, I tug the social structure, knowing what I’ll find.
We ask how people are all day but don’t really have the time.

Ask how someone is and walk away, has come to be the way.
More than a full plate, a hundred things to do each day.
People are plugged into a world of miscommunication.
When do we switch off, to even make the observation?

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