Must We Always Paint the Silence?

If it’s okay with you, could I not paint the silence?
When I’m out of colours, I lack my usual vibrance.
Answering the same questions is getting tiring,
people think I like to talk but I prefer the quiet.

Exchange excessive words, in unnecessary ways,
predictable discourse each and every day.
We’ll say all the same things, again, tomorrow.
Does somebody have a penny I can borrow?

We fake smiles and make the same small talk.
Still looking for a penny and, a real thought.
Share a real smile if you can, things will get better,
we both see it’s raining but that’s just the weather.
Brave it with no umbrella – appreciate the seasons;
Caught in stormy weather, finding positive meanings.

They often call me positive but I’m also a realist;
try to stay optimistic but know what the deal is.
The same is so very subtle with its game.
Stakes its claim before, you notice the change.

So I try to keep smiling and be a lighthouse,
find a way to help you even with the lights out.

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