|Listen| Spoken Word Poetry by Bakita KK

Bakita KK is an Aspiring Wordsmith; Poet, Writer and Workshop Facilitator…

In the time I haven’t been pursing the discipline I studied at university – writing less and pursuing new but instinctive paths, I have been able to cross paths with some very special individuals. One being Bakita KK, who perhaps unknowingly has said some very helpful words to me on more than one occasion. It was a pleasant surprise to find out a little more about her during a brief conversation after a group cycle class this past weekend; she’s a aspiring wordsmith.

You are currently listening to Peak, below – I was immediately drawn in by Bakita’s metaphorical introduction “No spirit to console. Hate the player, ’cause I’ve paused and stepped out of the game.”

Find out more about Bakita KK on her website and keep up with her on Twitter and SoundCloud.

One thought on “|Listen| Spoken Word Poetry by Bakita KK

  1. Thank so much, Helen! Thank you for taking the time to listen I’m glad you enjoyed and could resonate with the pieces. One day I’ll strip away the word ‘aspiring’!



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