Started writing out my frustrations back in college,
I wish I had back then, my current knowledge;
played less of the role of a media hostage,
acknowledged philosophies, to which we should pay homage.
Higher education fired up my inner cynic,
year on year, I searched for just a little difference
in the actions of my peers and their vision,
whilst becoming a misanthrope on a mission…

Feel free to leave me in the corner with a book,
the girl you claim is giving you dirty looks,
just observing all the stirring among crooks,
who claim to be friends but know the shit they cook.

Tend to find a way to walk at my own pace;
whether I fall within or out of anybody’s grace,
always in focus even if I seem in a daze,
take more notice of what’s said behind my back, than to my face.

It’s not that I don’t like to have conversations,
I just wish people would tune into different stations;
separate their minds from the generic generation
and vocalise original ideas and observations.
I’ve already been waiting for a long time yet,
my peers stay right, I stroll the path to the left,
not knocking their interests but my mental contests
mundane mechanics much of the youth now possess.

Nobody is perfect, I’m not judging my peers’ actions,
just dissatisfied with the quality of most interaction;
the majority of it feels so manufactured,
I guess i just haven’t found my faction.
I’m yet to find my true tribe with whom I can vibe,
talk to about the things really on my mind,
haven’t found them all yet but I will in time
although forever, even on my own, I’m always fine.

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  1. Reblogged this on Bakita KK and commented:
    This piece speaks to me so much. Being misaligned with the people we’re surrounded by isn’t best for spiritual, emotional, mental health and growth – but acknowledging that misalignment is crucial step to finding one’s own faction.


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