…By Sparking Thoughts, Conversations and Solutions

Director, designer and DJ, Vashtie, has chosen to avoid the obvious outlet of social media; instead she has created a message in “a more meaningful manner,” to address recent incidents.

I stumbled upon this emotionally-charged mix after listening to a podcast with Angel Haze, in which she discussed art and why not all musicians are going to speak on social issues.

Read Vashtie’s feelings on recent events and her reasons behind the thirty-minute mix she has created, below; before pressing play on This Machine Kills Racism which includes songs by Billie Holiday, Public Enemy, Joey Bada$$ and Nina Simone.

“Shocked. Disillusioned. Heartbroken. Angry. Disgusted.

I’ve been feeling this way for a while now, but – the incidents that surfaced in the past week have had me feeling these emotions (and more) to the maximum. I didn’t post much on social media in regards to this because I needed to sit with my feelings. And, as an artist – I really wanted to create something for people in a more meaningful manner.

I am, among other things, a DJ. And, like everyone else – music inspires, expresses and consoles me. I created this mixtape because I wanted…needed, rather, to share my feelings during these turbulent times. I hope this is as cathartic for you to listen to as it was for me in creating it.

In the very least, I hope it will entertain you but I truly wish that this mixtape will spark thoughts, conversations and solutions.”

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