“Double cup the water, sip slow…”

Chicago-based rapper, Mick Jenkins, presents his version of society’s truths on The Water[s]. The thematic project is a refreshing approach to hip-hop; Comfortable, Jazz, Drink More Water and Canada Dry are just some of my top tracks.

The Water[s] is a lyrically intricate, creative, enlightening and enjoyable listening experience from the moment you press play on opening song, Shipwrecked.

This isn’t Mick Jenkins’ first release but perhaps his first standout project. The follow-up to the The Water[s] came in the form of Wave[s] and Mick Jenkins is preparing debut album release, The Healing Component, which he hopes to release this summer (2016).

I had the recently released (Aug. 2015), Kaytranada-produced, Your Love on repeat but was looking no further that its producer at the time. A little while later I stumbled upon The Water[s] (released Aug. 2014) and listened to little else for the next three weeks (cue On Repeat listening habits).

This post has been pending for a long while but it’s never too late to share great music. The Water[s] was preceded by Trees & Truths in April 2013.

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