The new tastemakers distill creative diversity on debut EP release

Fête are a collective and record label based in Washington DC, with an arsenal of talented producers and artists. This plays out on the 1k Compilation, released in collaboration with Dope Mag – showcasing a range of sounds including electronic, future and R&B. “Fête has swiftly created a platform that is both distinctive and aesthetically pleasing in just two short months.”

Download: Fête x Dope Mag – 1k Compilation

“I like being in a collective because it’s so chilled and relaxed in terms of releasing music as well as making new producer friends,” says contributing producer, HVDSON BAY (The Most You’ve Done). Answering the question “why get involved with Fête?” another 1K Compilation producer, K+g+ruki (Usisahau), says “Fête is love, Fête is life.” May I add, it sounds very nice.

Artwork for the EP is by Elyn Kazarian, who also created Louise Lastic’s Close2u artwork.

Read more about the 1k Compilation at Dope Mag and hear more from Fête on SoundCloud.

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