Raleigh Ritchie exhibits raw emotion in the video for reworked track ‘Bloodsport ’15’

Raleigh RitchieRaleigh Ritchie has released a visual for the reworked version of Bloodsport, from his 2014 EP – Black and Blue. Of the updated version of the song, which will serve as the lead single from his upcoming debut album, Ritchie says “the legend that is Rosie Danvers wrote an awesome string arrangement for it. I’m very proud.”

The video exerts a sense of raw emotion, honesty in character and acceptance of flaws and sees him destroying a female’s possessions, working out, ironing and knitting before dusting off an old guitar case – of which the contents looks questionable.

Watch the Bloodsport ’15 video below and download the song on iTunes.

I first saw Raleigh Ritchie perform when he opened at an Angel Haze concert in London, he put so much energy into his performance and you can tell he truly loves the music. I got a chance to see him again at Wireless this year and I’m looking forward to his debut LP, on which he says the content will be “pretty much all new and fresh.”

The British actor and musician says he “would love to do something with Diplo. I wanna try and work with him for the next album, I just want to do something loud, messy and energetic! He’s the best at that,” Raleigh Ritchie told MTV. This would be something to look forward to and reminiscent of the times he performs and tells the crowd to go absolutely crazy, dancing, during a certain segment.

He also told MTV that “with Bloodsport there was stuff that I wanted to do with that song. I wanted to get real orchestration and tweak a few things here and there. It was an opportunity to do it the way that I always wanted to.” Check out the video to the reworked version of Bloodsport ’15, below and leave your thoughts on the video in the comments section.

Head over to raleighritchie.com for more music and a free download of his five-track EP, Black and Blue Point Two.

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