Azealia Banks is “back on the market” after less than a year with Prospect Park

Azealia BanksAzealia Banks tweeted “I’m leaving Prospect Park guys. AB is back on the market!” on July 20, less than a year after releasing Broke With Expensive Taste with the music management company, back in November. Banks is still signed to the record label imprint but will no longer be managed by Prospect Park.

A Prospect Park spokesman told Billboard: ‘We can confirm that we chose to terminate our management relationship with Azealia Banks. We believe she’s one of the most talented artists in the world and are very proud of the work we did on her behalf. We wish her all the best.”

It seemed the musician had found a new home in Prospect Park, following a number of label difficulties on the turbulent journey to the release of her debut LP.

Azealia also tweeted: “I want to make a super duper pop record. like disney style, but clever.” In April she told Billboard that she is working on two projects: “There’s Business and Pleasure, which is the next proper album, but then there’s Fantasea 2: The Second Wave, which is going to be a continuation of Fantasea.

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