The Irish rapper holds his breath for nearly three minutes as he raps underwater, for the video to a song he “made about flowers”

Kojaque successfully manages to hold his breath for just under three minutes, underwater whilst rapping, in the visual for his song Midnight Flower. The rapper, from Dublin, trained for three weeks to complete the video which was shot in one take.

Kojaque also includes a few props in the visual, underwater that is. At a point one of the props – a pill bottle – falls back into the water and I had wondered whether that was supposed to happen or not. Turns out it was a mistake but one of a few that added to the quality of the finished project, according to the comment of Reddit user, TexTexas:

I’m actually his brother and you’re right. He only did one take, the watch was supposed to go on, the pill bottle wasn’t supposed to fall back in and he was supposed to get to the end smoothly (and not pass out). But when we watched it back everything that went wrong just made it better for us, and well, more real.

This homemade music video comes with a warning, watch below but don’t try this at home!

You can download Midnight Flower here and follow Kojaque on Twitter.

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