Skepta’s RBMA conversation with Hattie Collins is a must-watch

In Manchester, on April 16, Skepta graced the Red Bull Music Academy lecture couch for the second time (first in Barcelona in 2008). As I’ve always admitted, I’ve not been a massive fan of grime post-2008 but as I’ve also said, when the likes of Skepta do it so well – it’s hard not to like it.

Here’s 10 things I learnt about the Grime King from his conversation with Hattie Collins, which you can watch in its entirety, above.

1. He’s fiercely loyal, keeps the same people around him and gives recognition to those who supported the vision, a la Hattie Collins.

2. Skepta is about spreading everybody’s sound and encouraging people to be themselves and highlight their differences.

3. He really wants Earl Sweatshirt on his album. I can’t wait for that collaboration!

4. He likes to make music as organically as possible.

5. Skepta isn’t afraid to take risks, risk going back to square one and to be himself.

6. He tells entertaining anecdotes – including how he acquired his home studio.

7. He has a strong ethos, wishes people wouldn’t aspire so much to American culture and plans to create the “British Dream”.

8. A bowl of mashed potato with hot sauce and a glass of lemonade cemented Skepta’s musical bond with A$AP Bari.

9. Skepta once went by the alias DJ Moschino Joe.

10. At one point he believed Grime was not him and it was a machete that inspired his first grime lyric.

Check out highlights from his recent, impromptu ‘Shutdown’ party at Holywell Lane car park.

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