New EP ‘Fresh Heir’ by The Most High K.I.D and Bluff Gawd is a must listen

The Most High K.I.D x Bluff Gawd – Fresh Heir (EP Cover)I recently came across this EP by The Most High K.I.D and Bluff Gawd, two rappers and producers from Jacksonville, Florida. I love their sound, it’s mellow and somewhat trippy – reminiscent of an Odd Future or GoldLink vibe. Plus they handle all production themselves.

Dope is the first of four tracks on the EP and is eponymous in its sound – it’s dope! To those who might understand the depth of the message presented on the track, Take That is a song that shows The Most High K.I.D and Bluff Gawd aim to make music with meaning:

“Now my elders mad at me/ found out I wasn’t Christian anymore, tell me why they have to act like it’s a tragedy/ I really just want to find a common ground with you, even if you don’t believe what I believe.”

“I just see things different, that’s why there ain’t a whole lot of people near me/ but the people with me, illuminated nigga and you best believe it/ and we ain’t even tryna keep this shit a secret”

The EP includes tracks Tonight and Gather Round, click to download it free. Fresh Heir has great production and forward-thinking concepts – with dedication and consistence, this duo are likely to see success in due time.

Follow @Bluff_Gawd and @TheMostHighKID on Twitter.

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