‘The God MC’ gives J. Cole props and says Kendrick is delivering “conscious new fuel”

During his interview with Montreality, Rakim spoke on King Kendrick, commenting on how he is delivering “conscious new fuel” and “not just doing what’s hot for today.” He also notes that Lamar isn’t scared to make a statement and that he has substance in his music – something Dr. Dre has also said.

Rakim also heard 2014 Forest Hills Drive track January 28th, in which J. Cole raps “like the great Rakim, when I make my notes.” His response was “go get that J. Cole” after bigging him up.

He highlighted his love for making statements and conscious music and talks about how back in his day, underground was successful hip-hop. Now it’s a bigger “market” and Rakim shows love for the new artists keeping the torch of “real hip-hop” lit.

Expect a new album from ‘The God MC’ before the end of 2015. Rakim says he can have a little fun with this one whereas his last release, The Seventh Seal, was a “somewhat conscious album”.

I must agree with his comments on Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole and would probably throw the likes of Joey Bada$$ in the mix too.

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