A 14,197 strong crowd attended WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois

Overall, the main event seemed dull, following what was a relatively good PPV. The Steel Cage match was overshadowed by Roman Reigns and Big Show’s Last Man Standing match, which was arguably the best of the night. Read on for highlights.

WWE Extreme Rules April 26 2015WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match – Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

In Seth’s first title defence since taking the title at WrestleMania 31, the RKO was banned in a Steel Cage match with Kane as the gatekeeper. The match initially looked to have potential but ultimately was rather lacklustre.

Rollins attempted to scale up the cage within seconds of the bell ringing and later in the match both competitors teetered at the top of the cage, after Randy put a stop to another of Rollins’ escape attempts. Just when you thought J&J were keeping their noses out of proceedings, they got involved. Seth had reached the exterior of the cage wall but Randy pulled him up by his hair and Noble and Mercury tried to pull Rollins down from the outside. We all know that winners are predetermined but Rollins could have done a better job of executing the script; his ‘too-slow’ attempts to escape through the cage door seemed a little too staged.

Both men inflicted pain on the other, throwing each other headfirst into the walls of the steel cage, however it was Orton who added entertainment value to the actual wrestling match. Randy delivered a superplex to Rollins from the top of the cage and later a devastating DDT from the top rope, although neither were enough to knock of the champion. Orton wanted to pin Rollins – neglecting an opportunity to escape through the cage door. With the RKO banned he delivered Triple H’s finisher – the Pedigree but that still wasn’t enough to put away Seth.

Kane didn’t get involved until Randy actually did attempt to escape the cage. The gatekeeper held the door shut and when Rollins went for a dropkick on Orton, who dodged, Seth went into the cage door, knocking Kane down in the process. An irate Kane who had earlier prevented J&J security from entering the ring now got involved himself. He slammed the cage door onto the heads of Orton and Rollins, who were teetering near the edge of the ring. Kane then delivered a double Chokeslam to J&J, a Chokeslam to Orton, then one to Rollins before pulling his arm over Randy – who would of course, kick out.

An irate Kane looked to put an end to Orton with a Tombstone Piledriver but Randy reversed and hit Kane with an RKO, only to turn around a be hit with his own finisher by Seth Rollins, who had called for it to be banned. A victim of his own finisher (which Rollins would later call the SKO), Orton was down, allowing Seth to escape the cage door in an absolutely disrespectful win.

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Last Man Standing Match – Roman Reigns vs. Big Show

Roman Reigns was determined to bring tables and weapons into play and Big Show was initially having none of it, during their Last Man Standing match. Later Show would go on to Chokeslam Roman through a table, before a reversal saw Reigns Samoan drop Big Show through it, leaving both men down.

Big Show’s attempt to go to the top rope was stopped abruptly when Reigns knocked his leg off the rope, causing Show to fall right on his cojones – legs on each side of the turnbuckle. Show’s cry of pain was hilarious and even Roman couldn’t hold back his chuckle.

Two Superman Punches proved futile, as on the third attempt Roman Reigns got caught and Chokeslammed out of the ring, onto two tables set up earlier by Roman, himself. Show thought he had it won but Reigns still managed to get to his feet. Later Reigns would spear Big Show right through the barricade but that still didn’t kept the Giant down.

Both commentator tables were absolutely destroyed. First Roman speared Show through the Spanish announce table. When the Giant still didn’t stay down, he lifted the second announce table and buried Big Show beneath it – standing on top of it to join the referee in the 10-count and emerging as the Last Man Standing.

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Russian Chain Match for the United States Championship – John Cena vs. Rusev

Honestly, this Russian Chain ‘light up four corners’ match wasn’t really all that brutal, considering the Russian chain in play. During the match, Lana was ordered back to the locker room by the ‘Hero of the Russian Federation,’ after she acknowledged adulation from the crowd. As JBL calls him, “Big Match John” found another way to win a big match, able to touch all four corners and retain the title. It was close as both competitors had three corners lit, with one left to go Rusev was stopped in his attempt to win, by an AA.

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Tag Team Championship Match – Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs. New Day

New Day members Kofi Kingston and Big E took on the Tag Team Champions, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, in a match that was initially scheduled for the kickoff show. Xavier Woods may be the third wheel but a very valuable one – it was his underhandedness that secured New Day the no. 1 contendership on Raw and his distraction that helped Kingston and Big E steal the win at Extreme Rules.

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Chicago Street Fight – Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

The main show opened with Ambrose and Harper’s Chicago Street fight – Ambrose looking for retribution, didn’t even wait for Harper to enter the ring before he launched his attack. It turned out to be the old-school street fight I had hoped for when the action spilled into the backstage area. Harper tried to escape, hi-jacking a car with Ambrose hanging out of the window, the referee trailing behind and the WWE universe wondering what now? It would be later, during New Day’s post-win interview, that Ambrose and Harper returned to the building, back through the arena and to the ring – still in action. Ambrose got the retribution he was looking for, picking up the win.

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‘Kiss Me Arse’ Match – Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

It was Sheamus doing the arse-kissing after a roll-up pin fall victory for Ziggler. Well he was supposed to anyway. Instead, after much toing and froing, he hit Ziggler with a low blow and a Brogue Kick before sticking his arse in Dolph’s face… Oh what was that? Sore loser? I know right.

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WWE Diva’s Championship – Nikki Bella vs. Naomi

Nikki retained her championship thanks to her sister Brie. I had hoped that the Diva, often referred to as “the most athletic diva” in the division would end Nikki’s title reign. We saw a new version of Naomi, as she finally got rid of that Funkadactyls music, debuting new ring gear and music in her Extreme Rules entrance. I must admit, I cringed a little as she made her way down the ramp but her light up boots, that changed colour, were dope.

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Neville vs. Bad News Barrett

‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’ made his PPV debut on the Extreme Rules kickoff show. He secured an impressive win against Barrett and as always, it’s amazingly entertaining watching him perform. Unfortunately Daniel Bryan was not cleared for action meaning the Intercontinental Championship was not defended, something Bad News Barrett addressed in his entrance.

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