‘How To Make it In America’ actor, Victor Rasuk, sparks season three speculation

Victor Rasuk sparked speculation of season three of How To Make It In America, when he re-posted an Instagram image his co-star Brian Greenberg shared, of the two of them at lunch. He captioned the image above: “#Regram hangin with my brotha from anotha @bryangreenberg We tryin’ to make it happen people!! #Season3 @getpaidedelman”

The show was cancelled after just two seasons, with the last episode airing in November 2011. Followers of How To Make It in America, like myself, are sure to be hoping that there could be some truth to this.

There seems to be no confirmation on the part of the show’s creator, Ian Edelman. @getpaidedelman is his Twitter handle – his last official tweet was in 2013 and it seems his account suffered a hacking/spam issue since then.

The HBO show which also starred Kid Cudi, followed two friends (Rasuk and Greenberg) and the obstacles they encountered trying to get their denim line off the ground. With its memorable opening credits and unique shooting style, it ended all too soon after just two seasons.

Let’s hope Rasuk’s picture and caption can really set the season three ball rolling.

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