Snoop Dogg invests in San Francisco-based weed delivery service

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Snoop Dogg’s venture firm, Casa Verde Capital, along with other investors have collectively invested $10m (£6.5m) into Eaze; a weed delivery service being dubbed as the “Uber for weed.”

The start-up was founded by Keith McCarty in July 2014 and is currently aiming to recruit 50 new employees in 50 days, with plans for expansion into other states.

At present, the San Francisco-based service is available in 35 cities, boasts a delivery time of 15 minutes or less and has already made a reported 30,000 deliveries.

Recreational smokers need not get too excited though, the service is only available to medical marijuana patients, legally allowed to purchase weed. Although Quartz reported McCarty as saying: “The plan is to be in every market as quickly as possible that allows for medical marijuana and even recreational use of marijuana.”

Eaze - 'Uber for Weed'A service like this is bound to cause controversy and for now Google and Apple have not listed the app in their respective stores – avoiding the potential to be seen as endorsing drug use.

Eaze may currently be the most popular but is not the only “uber-style” weed delivery service available. Eaze lists Meadow, founded by Rick Harrison and David Hua, as a competitor on it’s CrunchBase profile

A year ago two students came up with the idea for a similar service called, Canary; a start-up also trying to position themselves as a software service, connecting companies who need things to be delivered, with drivers who can deliver them,” Forbes reported. “‘The companies that license our technology could be delivering anything,’ Tullis said, ‘it just happens that right now they’re all delivering marijuana,'”

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