A look at features of the all-new iPhone music app, in the upcoming IOS 8.4 update

The music app on my iPhone is probably the most important, especially if I’m without my iPod. I must admit though, I hate upgrades – they tend to bring about drastic changes that I just don’t like. This is exactly why seven months after IOS 8’s initial release, my iPhone is still rocking IOS 7.something.

However I may finally upgrade to IOS 8.4 after news that the music app has had a complete overhaul. The redesigned app resembles iTunes on Mac and hosts features that were once exclusive to iTunes.

The new tab section of interface is now split into three sections – My Music, Playlists and Radio – which like the current app are accessed from the bottom of the screen. Each has a Recently Added section, displaying your three latest additions.

Apple has also added the “Up Next” feature once exclusive to iTunes; you will now be able to add a song to your queue, play a song next and reorder the music queue. This is fantastic news for those like myself, who don’t always have time to create the perfect playlist but also don’t want to constantly have to access the app, in order to play a particular song.

The new design also includes the ability to actually add an image of your choice and a description to playlists. The MiniPlayer allows you to see and control what’s currently playing while you browse your music collection. For those who really appreciate artwork, accessing Now Playing showcases album artwork in the way it was meant to be seen. The improved music app will now also have a global search feature.

A review of the new app by Chance Miller concludes: “Overall, the Music interface Apple has previewed with the first developer beta of iOS 8.4 is promising. Its similarity to iTunes on the Mac will make it familiar to many users. There are still some areas in which Apple needs to improve it, however, and that’s to be expected with a beta.” Check out his full hands-on review over at 9to5Mac.

Beta versions of IOS 8.4 are being tested in the coming months – ahead of its currently unscheduled release date – and can be downloaded by developers via Apple’s IOS Developer Centre website.

“Apple is in the process of building a new music streaming service following its acquisition of Beats, which it purchased for $3bn (£1.9bn) in 2014, and the new Music app is likely the first step in a radical overhaul of its entire music offering on iPhone, iPad and iPod,” reports International Business Times.

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