Listen to new music, from one of hip-hop’s next greats

Listen to the latest offering from one of hip-hop’s next greats, Knytro. Below, you can stream the mixtape he describes as:

A Random Series of Events Recorded for the fun of it over the effortless yet culturally intricate works of J Dilla, Madlib, Hudson Mohawke and more just before the next step of my musical career. With Love From NY. Peace.

I came across the music of Knytro in 2013 – the self-titled “British Gamerican” rapper, born in London and raised in Florida. He is signed to MTA Records, the London-based label of super-producing duo, Chase & Status.

Knytro fuses “classic hip hop vibes and electro-soul influences,” producing fantastic music for the conscious mind. In 2014 came The Griffin EP which you can stream on SoundCloud.

If you still haven’t heard Project Haarpoon be sure to download it. It was rightly dubbed as the “best mixtape of the year” in 2013 by Zane Lowe and I literally had it on repeat for months.

As Knytro said, Madilla comes “just before the next step of [his] musical career” and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Follow Knytro on Twitter and check out his dope #StreetHeat Freestyle with Link Up TV below.

Check out the tribute EP that rapper, Omen, released using beats by the legendary J Dilla.

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