Kanye West’s Brit performance of ‘All Day’ is a must see

Much like the title, I’ve had this On Repeat… All Day, all day. The use of a certain n-word meant that a large majority of the performance was censored on the Brit Awards (February 25), with the sound being muted so frequently it left some wondering what the point was. This is Kanye though, why is anybody even surprised he didn’t choose to perform a clean version of the song(?)

What was even more hilarious were the reactions of celebrity onlookers in the audience. I’m still trying to figure out if Lionel Ritchie was just stunned by the spectacle or shocked at the amount of, what some may deem, profanity.

Taylor Swift is just too much, she looked truly dazzled by the spectacle, even if she did look like she was dancing to a tune completely of her own making and only playing in her head.

All Day features Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney. On the night of the performance West was joined on stage by UK artists including Skepta and Jammer.

Check out the explicit performance of Kanye West’s latest single from his upcoming, seventh solo LP, So Help Me God.

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