Sister is shocked to see an image of her brother being used for target practice

A family from South Florida are outraged at North Miami Beach Police, questioning why mug shots of real people are being used for target practice. In this particular case all the images were of African-Americans.

The sister of one of the men in the images is Sgt. Valerie Deant, who arrived at the shooting range with fellow soldiers for annual weapons qualifications training, to find an image of her brother being used. He was arrested in 2000, in connection with a drag race that left two dead.

The video above shows bullet holes in the images of photographs of real people. North Miami Beach Police Chief, J. Scott Dennis, states that policies were not violated and the African-American descent of all of the men in the images did not indicate any racial profiling. He did however state his concern over this particular incident, since the brother of Sgt. Valerie Deant would have been arrested by Miami Police.

“NBC 6 Investigators spoke with sources at federal and state law enforcement agencies and five local police departments that have SWAT and sniper teams in an attempt to find out if this is a common practice. All law enforcement agencies said they only use commercially produced targets, not photos of human beings for target practice,” reported NBC Miami.

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