Feathr wants to divide opinion with bold, artistic wallpaper designs

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Creative disciplines like graffiti art, body art and surfwear design are the inspiration behind the first wallpaper collection by Feathr, an interiors company with offices is Helinksi, London and Bali, set to launch their UK online shop early this year.

‘Founders Anne Puukko, Tom Puukko and Oli Green are working with 120 artists, who between them aim to create an aesthetic characterised by a bolder graphic quality than usually found in wallpaper design,’ reports architecture and design magazine, Deezen.

“We believe that art is the personification of conciseness and even small acts of art make a big difference,” says Tom. “Our motto is simple – it’s not just ‘decoration is rubbish’. It’s: ‘More Art. Less Decoration. More good sh*t. Less sh*t sh*t’.”

Feathr undoubtedly will and hope to divide opinion. “We want some people to love what we’re doing and some people to hate it,” states Anna. “If one person sees a design on Feathr and says ‘over my dead body’ and someone else sees the same design and says ‘I’ve got to have that’, then we’re doing something right.”

Feathr are on the lookout for more talent and are using open sourcing and crowd curation as a way of doing that. “We [also] tap people on the shoulder if we like their sh*t. It’s not that we are looking for a certain aesthetic or ‘wallpaper-y’ vibe.

“We’re fans of graphic design, photography, type, graffiti, tattoo, sculpture, motion graphics, animation, Viking paintings on the sides of panel vans, cock ‘n’ balls on toilet stall doors… We like art. We want like-minded people – people who just want to f*cking make something,” Anna told Deezen.

The wallpaper is printed using the latest large format digital printers and environmentally-friendly inks on a luxuriously weighty 165g non-woven paper, making the wallpaper easy to hang.

Submissions for the ‘Design wallpaper that’s art’ challenge are now closed but Feathr work directly with artists on occasional bespoke commissions and invite you to submit your portfolio ‘If you have a fresh and unique aesthetic’.

Vote for the designs that you would like to see in the next wallpaper collection, before 28th January 2015.

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