Season 4 of Girls Airs Monday January 12th on Sky Atlantic

Watch the trailer for season four of ‘Girls’

Creator, Lena Dunham and the rest of the cast return in the fourth season of Girls which premieres in the UK on Sky Atlantic tonight, January 12th, at 10pm.

I’ll admit, in 2012 when I heard about this new show on Sky Atlantic which centres around four girls and is entitled Girls, I dismissed it without even a glimpse of a synopsis. I judged the somewhat predictable poster and packaging for a show that turned out to be a lot less predictable than I had expected.

Two years post-pilot and three seasons deep, I had just made quite a big decision and I needed to watch something I could possibly relate to, so I thought “let’s give these girls a go,” you know?

Anyway, I got through all three seasons of the show in two days; partially happy I’d doubted the show so long that I didn’t have to endure the in between season nostalgia and partially annoyed I’d been so quick to dismiss such a stupendous series.

Be sure to catch season 4 of Girls on Sky Atlantic, Monday January 12th at 10pm.


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