They will raise hell… if it’s hell you want

As I write this post, I’m clicking play on my 63rd listen of the single since I downloaded the Rascals latest release, The Launch Vol.2, three days ago. Press play on the video for the track, below and start a Fire Blaze.

My favourite lyric (aside from the stellar chorus provided by Kay Willz) comes from the ‘white kid with a boasy flow’:

“I will raise hell If it’s hell man want/and my name rings bells/when I’m here my don”

Co-signed by MTV, the Brand New for 2013 nominees seriously caught my attention with this track. I lost my love for grime music a long time ago. I felt like the authenticity had been lost and I just wasn’t feeling it but Rascals have officially rekindled my love with the UK-born genre of music.

They successfully bring a mainstream feel to the underground nature of grime without compromising their sound, each Rascal possessing a unique flow that had me hooked and listening to each word of every verse.

Rascals – The Launch Vol. 2 (Cover)Click the cover (right) for your free download of The Launch Vol.2 featuring Fire Blaze, What’s Going Down, Ape Shit and loads more tracks. 

Formerly grime scene ‘youngers’ known as Lil’ Rascals, the trio (as they were) grew up in Bow, East London. Surrounded by artists like Tinchy Stryder, Dizzee Rascal and Wiley, they scored initial street success at the tender ages of 12 and 13 with singles New Era and Bang Your Headz. Fast foward some years and Shizz, Tempz, Merkz and Kay Willz have arrived, to “raise the underground.”

The newest addition to the group, who are still in their late teens, is Kay Willz. Describing his Rascals role, he says: “obviously I am the only singer in the group, so I bring that different element,”

They’re not just about the music either. CLASS 90 is Rascals’ record label and publishing arm constructed with Universal Publishing.

They also work with youth-led organisations like Urban Development, Bigga Fish, Rising Tide and Point Blank providing workshops and mentoring. Planning to follow in the footsteps of Tinchy Stryder, they are to launch slick street-ready merchandise, giving young designers an opportunity to design t-shirts.

As well as a dream of opening a creative hub for young people in east London, they plan on a CLASS 90 Trust, which will offer four different starter businesses £500 to help get off the ground, each year.

Now signed, Kay Willz explains how “EMI have helped us [Rascals] loads.” While Shizz reveals “We’ve got so much going on, it’s crazy. We’ve got about 60 tunes that we’re going to put onto the mixtape and the album; we’ll have videos, we’ll be everywhere soon.”

Download: Rascals – The Launch Vol.2

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