Download Katy B’s latest EP, for free

It just under a month ago I was questioning when we might get a new release from the UK’s favourite dubstep vocalist. Now she’s given us a feature-ridden four-track EP and it’s free! Click the cover below to download the Danger EP.

Katy B - Danger EP (Cover)We can never say Katy doesn’t take care of her fans. Her debut album, On A Mission, cemented it’s place as a classic when it gained the title of a ‘modern dance masterpiece’. Whilst we wait for her sophomore effort, she fills the gap with a deliciously, dangerous free EP.

She works with Geeneus and Jessie Ware on Aaliyah, where she sings about her “green envy” of a woman who won’t leave her man alone.

Zinc and Wiley join her on Got Paid – a Friday feel-good song that recreates that ‘just paid, I’m about to hit the town feeling’ over squeaky, electronic production.

Aussie princess, Iggy Azalea, shows up on Light As A Feather which features a light, ubiquitous melody and recognisable Diplo-style production elements as Katy’s soft vocals grace the track.

Title-track, Danger, has the darkest sound of all the songs on the EP. “You better think this through/you better take your time/is that what you really want?/giving away what’s mine,” she sings over production provided by Jacques Greene.

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