Angel Haze has made her reservation, the world just needs to sit and watch her eat

MTV Brand New for 2013 nominee Angel Haze is the trendsetting, Detroit native, female lyricist who broadened her ever-growing fan base with the July release of her album, Reservation. In August she announced via Twitter: “I am the newest artist signed to Universal Republic in the USA and Island Records in the UK,” and this month she told Consequence of Sound: “Even though it’s the end of the year, I’m not winding down, I’m ready to open up a whole new world.” There’s no doubt Angel Haze will be big in 2013!

Angel HazeWhen I first heard Angel Haze on track New York, she rang with all the bells of Azealia Banks – presenting perfectly executed lyrics with a confident and ferocious flow. What I love that about Angel that quickly (I’m talking, in one morning) put her in the forecourt as one of my favourite female rappers is the the raw honesty of her lyrics. Azealia has fun but Angel has a kind of grittiness that reminds me of an up and coming artist in London.

From the pop-rap, street rhymes and production reminiscent of Lil Mama on track New York, the fierce Werkin’ Girls to the raw admissions of a hard childhood on Smiles n Hearts, Haze switches it up but never deviates from honest wordplay.

What struck most was the courageous cover of Cleaning Out My Closet, which sees Angel recount horrifying childhood memories of sexual abuse. It’s a topic that is rarely approached in rap; some people go through life never telling anyone the story of the sexual abuse they suffered as a child but Angel Haze works through these memories in the form of music.

Writing since the age of 11, Angel is a self-proclaimed breath of fresh air and trend setting veteran for those who appreciate music with actual substance – the Detroit native has the goods to back up the claim. Download her Haze’s LP Reservation and her latest release, Classick by clicking the links.

Angel HazeSpeaking to Billboard, the self-confessed Doc Marten lover explained that Reservation was about making “original music.

“It’s like when you go to a restaurant, you make a reservation.

“You know that when you get there, your table is going to be ready because at the end of the day, you called ahead and made sure it was yours.

“So for me, it’s like that with the rap industry. I made my reservation there. I put my place there and now I’m finally arriving. They just have to sit next to me and watch me eat.”

Angel Haze says of her debut album, Dirty Gold: “it’s pretty much done.

“Gold is always mined or excavated. I’m writing from the very root of who I am. All of this is a very unfamiliar process. I’m focusing more on melody and being cohesive.

“I’m trying to get one of my favorite poets to do like a poet skit and frame it all as like a storybook or a concept album. Documenting the process of what is happening in my life as I try to figure it all out.

“‘Cause my life is like a book.”

For more Angel Haze download her 2011 15-track release that displays her singing ability – King. It includes a cover of the infamous Roman’s Revenge and a literally “sick” cover of Drake’s Say What’s Real.

If you co-sign Angel Haze: follow her on Twitter, like her Facebook page and check out her website at

I predict this girl will be big in 2013. If she keeps up this kind of consistency I think she’ll become one of the best female rappers in the game and in time – the best.

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