Rihanna delivers diamond vocals in her X Factor performance

Rihanna returned to X Factor UK last weekend and gave a killer performance of her new single, Diamonds.

She wore an extremely seductive, floor length, lace-panelled dress, sporting a shaved side and curly black mane. ‘Why’s she not getting wet?’ my auntie questioned as it ‘rained’ studio-style around the Bajan beauty a minute into the performance, before it poured down on Rihanna too, three minutes in.

As much as I like Rihanna and her music, much like Lana Del Rey, I could never deny that their live vocals have a disappointing reputation. This performance was amazing though. Her vocals sounded beautiful and it was a reminder of how well she can use her voice – coupled with her Bajan twang – perfect.

The performance came after Rihanna had just topped the UK album chart with her seventh album, Unapologetic. It marked her third consecutive UK number one album in three years.


  1. Definitely an improvement on her vocals, and very much welcomed! I’ve been saying over the years her vocals have been gradually getting better (notably, on X-Factor performances actually). This leads me to think that, perhaps, her problem is concerts and not being able to find the balance between the strenuous rigor that her routines require and having the vocals on smash. So either one suffers (the vocals in every case) or she needs to up her game so that both can shine!


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