Listen to the sounds of Swedish sensation, Nadia Nair

Nadia Nair – Bon Voyage (Single Cover)This is the debut single by Nadia Nair, from Sweden’s west coast, Gothenburg. Her music blends an array of musical styles; rock, soul, western pop, classical music and a range of ethnic and folk influences. It may sound like a recipe for disaster but coupled with her distinct, personal vocal style it works brilliantly. Nadia is fearless in her musical ambitions, branding her dark sound ‘voodoo music’.

Brought up on the Swedish west coast in Gothenburg, Nadia has been looking for her place in music since the tender age of four. Whilst playing violin, it became evident Nadia was destined for much more – she was meant for the limelight. Focussing more on singing and writing, she gradually turned her poetry into song and at 15 she decided it was time to devote her life to the stage.

None of it has come easily though. Packing a bag and travelling to Stockholm to fully focus on her music, collaborations didn’t bring her to the musical heights she expected. Defeat ran its course and Nadia retreated to her west coast home of Gothenburg, where she ‘locked’ herself away for a year.

The closeness of her childhood memories and the memories of instruments unleashed new songs and an energy for life. Nadia struck gold when she embarked on  her next journey in the summer of 2012 when she finally met her musical soulmate – songwriter and producer, Victor Rådström.

Together they have written and designed the soundtrack to Nadia’s musical dreams, reflected in soul-baring, honest and true from on her debut-single Bon Voyage.

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