Get lost in the psychedelic sounds of the White Arrows

‘She walked me to the other side of town, I never understood what she said, I wanna take you to the end, I never want to hear…’ but this is a track I’ve been wanting to hear morning, night and noon of late. Coming or Going is by Los Angeles based ‘psychedelic, electronic, pop’ outfit – White Arrows.

Recently a viewer of Jersey Shore after seasons of disdain towards the show, I had it on in the background whilst working. Yes, I still don’t rate it enough to give it my undivided attention but anyway I heard this song on the show. Out came by BlackBerry, Shazam was opened and the mystery was solved. I had found the White Arrows.

The five band members who share a love for aural and visual sensory overload are Mickey Church (vocals), Henry Church (drums), J.P. Caballero (guitar), Andrew Naeve (keyboards, elecronics), Steven Vernet (bass). Singer, Mickey Church was born blind – his vision was righted at age 11. Before that, his memories of growing up in LA where only of to smells, sounds and swaths of fuzzy color.

I have a love for alternative music but this song sounded a little different to your ‘typical’ alternative sound, not to say that even exists. I heard some synth and pop present and listening to the full song, I was hooked instantly. I love those songs that you can feel, like really feel. The simplicity of the lyrics made the song that much more alluring along with Mickey’s funk falsetto, helping it reach 58 plays on my iTunes is just two days.

White Arrows – Dry Land Is Not a Myth (Album Cover)I found that they described their sound as being ‘psychedelic, electronic, pop.’ It completed the puzzle, I could hear the electronic and pop sounds but the psychedelic element is what appealed most to my musical senses. I went in search of more of their music and found they had released their 10-track debut album Dry Land Is Not A Myth on June 19 via Votiv Music.

Personally, Coming or Going is the stand-out solid track, on the album that teases listeners with various sounds. There are hints and undertones of afro-beat and tropical sounds in Fireworks of the Sea, which along with Settle DownRoll Forever, I Can Go and Get Gone are tracks to definitely take a listen to.

I think this is a band that will better with time and where many artists fail to trump their debut, I think the White Arrows are likely to exceed theirs.

I always say ‘the music’s no good if you can’t feel it,’ – I’m feeling White Arrows.

Follow the White Arrows on Twitter and for information visit

Buy this album on iTunes: Dry Land Is Not A Myth

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