Nicki looks stunning in this monochrome visual that fades to colour at 2:27

We thought Nicki toned it down for Va Va Voom, well she toned it down even more in for Freedom and we get a chance to see her full beauty. She wears a floor length, black gown in the video’s opening and a crown ‘of thorns’. I’m loving her blonde, curly look too.

Nicki Minaj – Freedom VideoOpening with the lyric ‘they’ll never thank me for opening doors/ but they ain’t even thank Jesus when he died on the cross’ it’s clear Nicki is about to lay down some plain truths. Continuing later in the verse: ‘did I really body bitches with commercial songs?/ did I really prophecy every thing I do?’

She dons a fur coat and leather pants as she sits cross-legged on a throne in the video and we also see her in two beautiful gowns. Sporting a crown with the long-sleeved number she sends a clear message ‘b-b-b-bible, Queen is the title/ and if you are my rival, then that means you’re suicidal’.

Nicki released this video on the same day Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up was released, November 19. It features eight new tracks, including Freedom, which is reminiscent of the boldness of Pink Friday‘s Here I Am and Nicki’s soft vocals on Save Me. 

Buy this album on iTunes: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up

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