Do you have the skills to create a winning remix?

If you’re a studio maestro, are forever cutting up songs in your own way and creating  music, why not put your personal touch on one of the tracks from Alex Clare’s album, The Lateness of the Hour.

Alex Clare – The Lateness Of The Hour (Album Cover)Hummingbird is Alex Clare’s ‘favourite album track’ and he wants you to ‘to put your own touch’ on it. Download all the parts you will need from SoundCloud and then get your producing game on.

After completing your competing remix, submit your entry to the dropbox. The closing date fore entries is December 10 and take a read of the terms and conditions before entering.

Submit the best remix and Alex Clare will give the track away for free to celebrate the release of the  Hummingbird EP, released on December 17. You will also get a signed piece of artwork.

So get remixing now. Good luck guys!

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