Cole drops a musical gem the day after ‘Friday Night Lights’ two year anniversary

‘They don’t feel my pain/ they’ll never feel my pain/ and they’ll never play this sh*t on the radio,’ J. Cole concludes after laying it bare on the first single from his forthcoming second LP, Born Sinner. Listen, below.

The North Carolina rapper weighs up his own morals, as he questions: ‘Am I about dollars or about change?/ am I about knowledge or about brains?/ freedom or big chains, they don’t feel my pain,’ on the single, that was made available on iTunes on November 13. The song has a dark, gritty feel which is matched by Cole’s forceful lyrical delivery.

He reminisces about a darker time ‘Fuck the man, Uncle Sam I won’t sell your crack/ I won’t fight your wars, I won’t wear your hat/ I’mma pass your classes, I’mma learn your craft/ I’mma fuck your daughters, I’mma burn your flag.’

The release of Miss America comes one day after the two year anniversary of his mixtape, Friday Night Lights. Cole also released a trailer for Miss America, on November 9.

He is the executive producer of his upcoming LP Born Sinner which lands on January 28, 2013.

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