Check out the distinctive work of Ghanian born, Gyimah Gariba

Gyimah Gariba – M.I.A Bad GirlzI first came across animator and illustrator, Gyimah Gariba, when I found the interpretation of a scene from M.I.A.’s Bad Girls video, above.

Extremely talented, Gariba was born and raised in Accra Ghana and is now living in Toronto, Canada. In his third year at Sheridan College, he his studying Animation.

Omen – A Glorious Cool EP (Cover)I was completely unaware my interest in this guy’s artwork was harbouring away in my drafts (image above) until I recently download Omen’s recent EP, A Glorious Cool. The simple cover looked distinct, like something I’d seen before that had made a definite impression on my mind.

I later realised the artist was Gariba, proving the illustrator has a distinctly, unique approach to his craft that makes a lasting impression.

‘He [Omen] wanted a pretty specific mood but was pretty open to interpretations and because I’m really into lighting lately I used it as an opportunity to try some things out,’ Gyimah Gariba posted on his blog.

View more of Gariba’s work at and follow him on Twitter.

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