Omen dedicates this EP to his favourite producer of all time

A Glorious Cool is the recent 11-track EP release from Omen. All production comes solely from songs the late J Dilla produced throughout his career. Click the cover below to download the free EP.

Omen – A Glorious Cool EP (Cover)Four must listen tracks: Look of Lust 2, A Chicago Child, Official, Superheroes.

The rapper put out this message with the project: ‘What up Villains, this is Omen. It’s been awhile. It feels great to be putting out a new project. This is dedicated to my favorite producer of all time, J Dilla. Most of you all know he passed away from Lupus some years ago and therefore, I’ll never get to work with him officially. But, this is my way of doing that, showing my appreciation for his inspiration and legacy.

‘A Glorious Cool EP features all production from songs J Dilla produced in his career. Some are well known beats, some are more rare. I hope you enjoy this, go out and seek more of Dilla’s music and truly learn what made him a legend. Thank you for your support. I love yall.’

I first came across Omen when he featured on Enchanted, my favourite track from J. Cole‘s Friday Night Lights mixtape. The introspective, Chi-city rapper and producer ‘expresses who he is as an artist and a person, writing lyrics that discuss his experiences and that of others’ or at least the way it looks through his eyes.’

Omen recalls a J Dilla moment involving Erykah Badu on track Nothing Happened. He also pays homage to the producer on track Genius, highlighting his appreciation for the ‘legendary, late’ producer and his hopes that A Glorious Cool will influence people to go and seek more of his music.

He has most definitely succeeded. A friend once played me a few J Dilla cuts but I didn’t follow-up any of his work, listening to his work on this project from Omen has really turned my ear. The instrumentals are so unique, yet so versatile.

Omen’s cool lyrical delivery perfectly compliments J Dilla’s standalone charismatic instrumentals.

DOWNLOAD: Omen –  A Glorious Cool

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