Watch the dark video for Rihanna’s latest single

After taking Diamonds to the top of the charts, teasing the world with pictures from the video shoot and a little wait… Rihanna gives the world the official video for the lead single from her imminent album – Unapologetic.

Being the ‘bad gal’ that she is, the panoramic video shows Ri Ri rolling up and puffing on a spliff full of diamonds. As the pictures from the video shoot hinted, it has a dark feel. We see a bewildered Rihanna fleeing barefoot down an open road, taking off her jacket.

Rihanna also sits, lonely, in a room full of destruction before an apparently more liberated version of her stands alone in a vast field – in the company of two dark, galloping horses. She then stands amidst a blaze that sees a man on fire as police try to tame the carnage.

Diamonds also shows Rih losing grip of a tattooed hand – possibly a depiction of the ‘you’ know who she’s potentially referring to in the song. The same ‘you know who,’ Chris Brown, features on Rihanna’s Unapologetic album on a track called Nobodies Business.

I absolutely love Diamonds and the optimism the song purveys. I also love how the video’s dark nature contrasts the song’s same optimism. It’s a real depiction of just how confusing emotions can be but as she sings in the first verse: ‘Find light in the beautiful sea, I choose to be happy.’

I can’t wait for Unapologetic, released worldwide on November 19. Rihanna has been consistently slipping us updates and I believe it’s going to be story that has much more to it than just an album release.

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