Free download of the second installment in DeVaughn’s ‘Heemy Taught Me’ series

The second installment to his Heemy Taught Me series features 21 tracks that make for extremely cool and sensual listening. Click on the cover below to download Heemy Taught Me 2.

Raheem DeVaughn – Heemy Taught Me 2 (Cover)If you’re not familiar with this amazing artist, get listening now. Although this is his fifteenth mixtape release, DeVaughn has only ever released three studio albums – he’s an amazing artist who consistently gives away fantastic music for free. This project features hot new material and b-side cuts from the self-proclaimed R&B hippie and neo-soul rockstar.

‘So you probably just finished downloading this into your iPhone 5, your iTunes, smartphone – whatever it is you like to listen to your music in. So without further ado I’d like to introduce myself to you, prepare you for this eargasm. Yeah, I’m the R&B hippie, neo-soul rockstar Raheem DeVaughn… ‘ he introduces the mixtape.


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