Nelly releases the second mixtape of his career, on his birthday – download it free

Nelly releases the very aptly titled Scorpio Season on his birthday, November 2. It features 11 tracks and three bonus tracks. Click the cover below to download the mixtape.

Nelly – Scorpio Season (Cover)The 38-year-old invited us all to celebrate his birthday with him by releasing this free musical gift. Chris Brown features on frenetic bonus track, Merry Go Round. The mixtape also has features from Trae The Truth, B.o.B. and Murphy Lee.

This is only Nelly’s second mixtape; “Scorpio Season is actually my second mixtape I’ve ever done, so I’m still new to this territory so to speak. I think this one is dope because I’m actually dropping it on my birthday, November 2. Proud Scorpio through and throughout, so I hold that down err’time I can,” Nelly said of the release.

Nelly gives a little insight into track, 4 In The Moring (feat. Lady G): ‘I ain’t gonna say that all Scorpios are freaks because that’s not the truth, I don’t think. I think all Scorpios can be freaks. I think we’re very picky about who we give that Scorpio feeling to, but if you are very lucky to achieve that feeling from a Scorpio then you should be proud of it because you’re about to get it.’

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