‘I’m f**king crazy… but I am free,’ narrates Lana in this 10-minute, free-spirited, polarising video

Lana Del Rey has topped the seven-minute video she released for National Anthem and unveiled a free-spirited, 10-minute video for new single, Ride.

She proves the Cola track lyric, ‘I got a taste for men who older,’ true as we see her in the video with a trio of older-looking lovers.

‘I knew that it takes getting everything you ever wanted and then losing it, to know what true freedom is,’ the melodramatic songstress narrates, during the video’s prelude and we witness her riding on the ‘open road’ with a group of bikers.

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die – The Paradise Edition (Album Cover)I’m quite a fan of Lana’s short films and she looks stunning, sporting a head of dark curly locks in this video directed Anthony Mandler, who also directed National Anthem.

Lana Del Rey makes the state of emotional distress look somewhat alluring. In the video we see her visit a convenience store for a drink, puff on a number of cigarettes and brandish a gun during the 10-minute video.

It concludes with another delicate voiceover from Lana in which she states, ‘I’m f**king crazy… but I am free.’

Ride is the lead single from her upcoming album re-release, Born To Die – The Paradise Edition, available on November 12.

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