Find out a little bit about the five new additions to the ‘Made In Chelsea’ cast

It’s back! It’s time to revisit the mixed-up lives of the socialites who are just that little bit more ‘elite’ than their reality show rivals. The new series airs Monday, October 15 at 10pm, on E4.

It wasn’t too long ago I found myself fervently hoping E4 would soon give us another MiC fix. I don’t know about you guys but I’m excited. Some people I speak to about the show just aren’t fans or prefer rival shows, TOWIE and Geordie Shore but I prefer Made In Chelsea.

There are five new additions to the cast this series:

  • Sophia Sassoon is back from New York and ready to reignite an unknown, old Chelsea flame.
  • Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack is the beautiful new girlfriend of the often unattainable Richard Dinan.
  • Andy Jordan is one third of a trio of new guys and he reckons he’s quite the Ferris Bueller.
  • Sam Cussins is sporty, single and cheeky with it. Expect some dating funs, he says.
  • Stevie Johnson is the youngest of the Andy-Stevie-Sam trio and he has his eye on a certain Chelsea lady.

Head over to to find out more about the new cast. Plus, check out an exclusive clip from the first episode. It involves Louise and new cast member, Andy – it seems like he fits right in as he hits on Louise and says of her and Spencer’s relationship, ‘I hope you don’t patch things up too well’.

The second clip available to watch shows what happened when Spencer and Andy crossed paths and it’s not very friendly.

Don’t miss the premiere of the brand new series on E4 – Monday, October 15 at 10pm. 

Made In Chelsea

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