Watch this fast-paced, optimistic, Wieden+Kennedy devised ad-campaign for Levi’s®

Although this global campaign was published way back, at the beginning of August, I only recently stumbled upon it while watching a programme on 4oD. Seeing this actually subdued my annoyance at how long the adverts were taking.

Directed by Lance Acord, the 2012 campaign is fast paced and ever so optimistic and this is perpetuated by the choice to use a spoken word poem as the soundtrack, written by Wieden+Kennedy copywriter, Erin Swanson. The hollow sound of the echoing voiceover mixed with the acute sounds of the world truly makes me want to get up, put on a pair of Levi’s® and go and grab the world with both hands.

‘The new Levi’s® brand collection features a refined and tailored look, made for those who get dressed each morning with purpose.’

Levi’s® ‘Go Forth’ campaign was born through advertising giant, Wieden+Kennedy. This 2012 campaign was also created by them. The agency’s creative director, Tyler Whisnand stated ‘our strategy was to start from Levi’s as an element that prepares people for entry into new territories, so that we exploit the belligerent spirit and optimism of the young leaders of today. It is not necessarily leading position of a president or prime minister, but of leaders who dress purposeful and face the challenges of the day with vigor and energy of our time.’

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To be in with a chance of featuring on Levi’s New York City billboard, tweet @Levis and ‘tag your inspiring photo with #GoForth and #PostMe for a chance to appear on our 34th St NYC billboard!’

Levi’s 34th St NYC billboard

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