Azealia Banks tones it down in new, Clarence Fuller directed video

Shot in black and white, the video directed by Clarence Fuller features the long-locked lyricist from Harlem dancing on the streets and rooftops of her hometown, New York City.

This video lacks the colour and appears to lack the creativity of previous videos 1991, Van Vogue and Liquorice. Although Luxury is a distinctly different choice of song for a video – lacking in tongue twister raps and Azealia Banks singing most of the lyrics.

Azealia Banks feat. Munchi - Esta Noche (Cover)
Released artwork for the planned single release – ‘Esta Noche –  Azealia Banks ft. Munchi’

All hopes for a video to Fantasea favourite, Esta Noche, appeared to have been dashed. Set to release the mixtape track as a single on September 25, DJ and producer Munchi spoke out on Twitter, accusing Azealia of using his track ‘without his permission‘.

In an official statement Munchi said, ‘Now the issue comes that I noticed Azealia using the track in her Fantasea mixtape in which the beats were being selected by Diplo and her. Nobody told me anything prior to the release. My intention was never to make this an actual release and I did not like what she did to it.

‘The only thing I would’ve asked for is proper credits and a say in the creative process – something taboo, but I have to have it clear what I want to affiliate my name with and with what not.’

Never one to back down from an argument, much less a Twitter one, Azealia has said the video shoot for Esta Noche is still going ahead. As well a video shoot for Atlantis, also from her Fantasea mixtape.

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