Listen to the hypnotic preview of ‘Born To Die – The Paradise Edition’

Lana Del Rey is set to re-release album, Born To Die, on November 12. The repackaged album will be entitled Born To Die – The Paradise Edition and contain nine new songs, listen to a preview of the album’s hypnotic trailer, below.

I’ve always thought Lana Del Rey’s debut studio album release was one of the most immaculately produced albums to grace my ears. From the beautiful Born To Die, to the upbeat Off To The Races and Diet Mountain Dew and into the subtly scandalous Carmen and Lolita.

Yesterday, one of the new singles was released online. Ride was produced by the ‘across-all-genres’ Rick Rubin. It took two listens for me to fall in love (I couldn’t have been listening properly the first time). Lana’s sultry, often haunting voice leads slowly and steadily into a sweeping chorus in which she sings ‘I just ride… I just ride.’

Lana Del Rey has a truly unique voice and is perhaps the only songstress who can get away with the way she drawls ‘my pussy tastes like pepsi cola… I got a taste for men who older…’ on the track Cola. She seems to have a thing for successfully blending sadness, happiness, mystique, sexiness and so much more on one album.

Lana is currently the face of H&M’s fall ad campaign, the singer covered the classic Blue Velvet as part of the campaign and this track will also feature on the upcoming album.

The re-issue will be available in various formats: digital download, double-CD, 12″ vinyl and as an exclusive deluxe box set packed with loads of extra goodies.

Pre-order your digital copy of Born To Die – The Paradise Edition or the exclusive deluxe box set.

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die – The Paradise Edition (Album Cover)Tracklist: Born To Die – The Paradise Edition

1. Born To Die
2. Off To The Races
3. Blue Jeans
4. Video Games
5. Diet Mountain Dew
6. National Anthem
7. Dark Paradise
8. Radio
9. Carmen
10. Million Dollar Man
11. Summertime Sadness
12. This Is What Makes Us Girls
13. Without You
14. Lolita
15. Lucky Ones

Disc 2
1. Ride
2. American
3. Cola
4. Body Electric
5. Blue Velvet
6. Gods & Monsters
7. Yayo
8. Bel Air
9. Burning Desire

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