Lil Wayne showed no respect and allegedly threatened Quincy Jones’ lawyer

It’s the kind of interaction that would have had everybody laughing their heads off at Quincy Jones III’s lawyer, Pete Ross, if it were in a school classroom type situation. Lil Wayne showed no respect as he questioned the questions thrown at him before refusing to cooperate and allegedly threatening Jones’ lawyer. Watch the video, below.

The self-proclaimed superstar who ‘wouldn’t describe’ his image has indirectly coined the phrase ‘I don’t recall that’ for months to come. The highlight had to be when Wayne began to throw ‘I don’t know’ responses to questions that hadn’t even been asked yet.

Lil Wayne vs. Quincy Jones IIIThen there was the infamous ‘threat.’ After stating he doesn’t have to do anything, Wayne said ‘you know he can’t save you right? In the real world. That guy [the judge] right there, he can’t save you in the real world.’ When asked what he meant by Quincy Jones’ lawyer, Pete Ross, Wayne responded ‘I don’t have to elaborate’ and disregarded speculation that it was a threat.

Legal proceedings began after Lil Wayne decided to sue Quincy Jones III over a documentary he had initially been on board for, claiming songs from his album Tha Carter III were used in the film, without permission. Wayne described the film as a ‘scandalous portrayal,’ and says he was never given approval over the final product.

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