Azealia ‘vamps it up’ in the third video from her ‘1991’ EP

It appears as if the 1991 EP video collection will soon be complete, we’ve already ranted and raved about 212, then there was Liquorice and now it’s time to watch her ‘vamp it up’ in Van Vogue

It seems Van Vogue was hotly anticipated with Hunger Magazine tweeting ‘@AZEALIABANKS has crashed our website! You guys wanted that VanVogue video badly didn’t you? #vanvogue’.

Four teaser videos were released before the video was premiered on the 14th and it might seem that Azealia actually likes to build good working relationships as Van Vogue was directed by Rankin, who also directed the video for sexy, summer hit Liquorice.

Now there’s just 1991 to go and it looks like we have a lot to look forward to. The day after Van Vogue hit the viral scene Banks tweeted ‘On my way to 1991 video shoot !!!!!’ at 6.44PM.

She raised the excitement levels when she tweeted ‘Lololololol 1991 VIDEO IS GONNA BE CRAY!!!!!’ at 8:51PM. Plus it look like we may not even have to wait too long for the finished video as she tweeted again at 5:22AM ‘”1991″ video shoot is a WRAP !!’

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