True Sterling is the creative artist giving away free art in London, it’s yours to keep, you just need to find it

True Sterling is an exclusive, vision driven, independent, creative lifestyle art movement and art wear brand. Artist, Orlando ‘True’ Sterling, explains the unconventional approach he has adopted to market his brand to the masses.

With a first class honours under his belt, two D&AD awards in the bag and recognition from Creative Review, Channel 4, The Daily Street, Daydream Network, Kmag and advertising giant Wieden + Kennedy – it’s no wonder the social networks are wondering just who True Sterling is.

Read on to find out more about the creative artist who is ‘driven by vision, motivated by passion, inspired by success and dedicated by discipline.’

Helen Success: True Sterling tell us about yourself.

True Sterling: My name is Orlando ‘True’ Sterling, what up world, peace hometown, London it’s me again True Sterling hitting up the streets. I’m all about being London’s neighbouring hood artist, who goes around delivering that nice gem to go on your wall and for you to appreciate.

Helen Success: Talk us through the public exhibition you held in July 2012.

True Sterling: We did a Disposable Arts guerrilla exhibition; it lasted for about ten minutes. Everybody came, took their pieces, they were real grateful. It should have lasted an hour but like I said, it’s Disposable Arts and if you’re not there when stuff is popping off, then you’re going to miss your chance of getting a free art piece.

Helen Success: The hash tag #DisposableArts has been floating around the Twitterverse for a few months now. What’s it all about?

True Sterling: Since February 2012, on the ninth day of every month, I put out nine free pieces of art for passing members of the public to take. The ‘NEIGHBOURS AND HOOD WATCH’ catch line is also a subliminal message because it’s telling everyone in every neighbouring hood that ‘I’m in your neighbourhood,’ you know what I’m saying; you just need to catch me. Plus I come out in plain sight but you just don’t sight me. So put it there, that’s that man. So I’m telling everyone to look out because True Sterling is around.

Disposable Arts (Guerilla Exhibition) FindersHelen Success: Each art piece consists of 5 distinct Meerkats, who are they?

True Sterling: Each individual meerkat is a section of myself. You’ve got Silencer, you’ve got The Observer, you’ve got Mr Mischief, you’ve got Mr Loner and you’ve got Mr Piss-Take. In due time London will begin to see progression from Disposable Arts consisting of five characters who stand alone, to them venturing off and doing their own thing collectively. I’d also really like to do an exhibition where I have each character on the wall and you see exactly what they get up to – what I kind of get up to but in a different format.

Helen Success: Are you targeting a specific demographic with your Disposable Arts campaign?

True Sterling: Nope! Everybody loves it. We’ve had lots of images sent in from Disposable Arts finders. From five year olds to 60, 70 year olds – they all see it and their face just lights up. Absolutely everybody is involved in this one, everybody’s involved. Not only that, I see what I’m doing as an unconventional way of marketing my brand and myself as an artist. By giving out these unique free art pieces eventually I’d like to become that household name. So people are like ‘True Sterling, yeah I know him.’ Just say the word ‘True’ – tap that in on Google, I just want ‘Sterling’ to come up, you know, so we’ll see in time.

True Sterling will take to London’s streets again this Thursday, August 9. Don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on a free #DisposableArts piece.

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