A slightly left of centre sound and an altogether progressive form of music

Open Me is the super fresh debut offering from the emerging talent, Asante, a self-taught musician, producer, rapper and songwriter from South London.

The haunting and emotionally charged track was written and produced by Asante and mixed by Richie Fargas and Kwame ‘Prof’ Acheampong. Relaying the disintegration of a chaotic relationship, Open Me delves into the frenetic anxiety of being caught in that space where you break up with someone but want to get back with them; even though you know they’re no good for you. Open Me is a myriad of hip-hop, jungle, rnb, dubstep and afro beat, and blended with the vocals of both Asante and fellow newcomer Laura Stephenson, it creates a most dynamic sound.

Asante (Musician)‘I’ve never really followed any trends in music; neither do I have a distinct taste, if it sounds good, it sounds good and I try to keep this in mind when I’m creating something, regardless of if it fits a certain genre or style,’ says Asante. Asked about key influences on his music, the 22-year-old cites a culturally diverse upbringing throughout his formative years along with a love of film scores, London’s Grime scene and artists including Daft Punk, N*E*R*D and Kanye West.

Fusing heavy beats and atmospheric, emotive tones with an adaptable vocal delivery, Asante has been credited as being an emerging artist who has created a slightly left of centre sound and an altogether progressive form of music. His EP is scheduled for release later in the year. I am a massive fan of artists who are all about stepping outside of the proverbial box and making music that isn’t defined by one specific genre.

Check out more of his music here.

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