‘Tully’ has the potential to make you change the way you approach life

Tully by Paullina SimonsIf you read it at the right age, Tully is the kind of book that has the potential to make you change the way you live your life.

This is the first novel from the outstandingly talented writer Paullina Simons. She manages to capture the enigma that is Tully perfectly – a girl that you may not always like but by the end of the book, you can’t help but love.

The book follows the life of Tully Makker from her teenage years. Accurately depicting the lives of her and her two best friends, Jennifer and Julie, you can’t help but relate to the characters in some way. Tully develops a thick skin suffering at the hands of her abusive mother. Her father is absent and she finds ways of taking care of herself that aren’t the best but it all plays a part in the making of her.

Tully is certainly not a book full of glitter, stars and happiness; it’s a book that relays the real life of a young girl and the difficulties that come with it. Early on, Tully endures a devastating loss and from then on life becomes a fight. The reader never leaves her side as she makes tough choices that will affect her life forever. Her relationship choices, career choices and a choice so shockingly perfect it has to pose a problem. You feel every emotion – her pain, her frustration and her joy.

It isn’t just a book for girls. Tully grows up and gets married and the way Simons depicts the relationship on the page is something of beauty. It’s as if you’re reading about a relationship you’ve already had both male and female alike.

When you turn the last page of the book, read the last paragraph and you know the book is coming to and end, it’s as if deep down you wish Tully all the best with her choices. There’s a longing to know what comes after that page even though the reader has already witnessed the best part of Tully’s life.

Tully is a book that’s hard to put down. The kind of book that captures you for another hour every time you tell yourself you’re going to sleep now. And when you do finally put the book down your head is filled with possibilities of what will happen to the characters next.

People will read Tully and realise how fantastic the book is. Many, like myself, will never find a book to match.

“I knew that if I was ever going to write anything, Tully would be it,” said author, Paullina Simons.

You can purchase Tully here.

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