Beyoncé took to Glastonbury’s pyramid stage for a 90-minute headline set

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The massive festival that is Glastonbury, stages headline performances from artists such as Coldplay, U2 and The Kings of Leon. A female headline act is rare but this year Beyoncé took to the pyramid stage (ironic huh?) for a 90-minute set.

Armed with her trademark duo of dancers she opened with Crazy in Love as Jay-Z looked on from the crowd. She went on to perform all of her iconic tracks, including Destiny’s Child tracks, and a few from her fourth studio album, thoughtfully entitled, 4. She also performed her versions of Alanis Morissette’s You Oughta Know and Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire.

The crowd reaction was amazing and Beyoncé’s performance was on fire (although I’m still bemused as to what role Tricky was meant to play in her Baby Boy performance). Her stage presence is electric and her talent is undeniable but the roots of Glastonbury are quite different. A festival that was thought to be set apart from the rest, that ‘at the time were over commercialised.’

Bey’ may have slightly conformed by inserting a few covers, some ‘rocky’ interludes and saying things like ‘I always wanted to be a rock star,’ but essentially she’s not. Perhaps unwittingly, Lauren Laverne appeared to profusely justify Beyoncé’s Glastonbury appearance.

Has Glastonbury strayed from its hippie/rock/indie roots or is it a stage for evolution and change, where some of the headline acts like Jay Z and now Beyoncé are a new direction?

What are your thoughts?

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