Okay… So Cheryl’s been spliced into the video for single ‘Check It Out’

Cheryl’s been spliced into the video for  single ‘Check It Out.’ The single is by her good friend, Will.I.Am and features Nicki Minaj. Cheryl stars in the video for the UK release of the song. ‘Check It Out.’

I must say when I saw the video I was rather bemused. Cheryl does not feature in the song originally and UK release or not, she doesn’t actually add to it. Her array of odd facial expressions fall flat in comparison to those of Nicki Minaj, whose album ‘Pink Friday’ is due for imminent release. I think the vast difference between Cheryl and Nicki works as a negative. Also the fact that Cheryl was spliced in and not originally in the video just gives an even greater sense of her being a third wheel.

This video may be to boost the UK release but is it also a stab at trying to push a state side career for Cheryl? It’s rumoured that Cheryl has been offered a £6million record deal with US label Universal. I remember reading that Simon Cowell suggested the Geordie take elocution lessons if she wants to pursue her career across the pond. He stated American audiences won’t understand what she’s saying. So if she’s seen taking lessons, we’ll take it she’s signed the contract.

I also have another theory. It is evident that X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd’s performance style is influenced by the self-professed ‘multi personality b***h’ – Nicki Minaj. Cher’s even said she would love to work with her. Maybe Cheryl wants to get in with Nicki to see things from Cher’s perspective. Of course that may not at all be the case but I see my logic.


  1. Yaa Yaa Cheryl is going america to join beloved simon on the U.S show. Plus that’s a good point Cheryl going to do research on Minaj to understand Cher. Lol Cheryl is actually Bonkers.
    Good post my Dawter.
    Uncle E


  2. all i have to say is….this talentless individual has no place in the video otherwise she would have been in it in the first place! Remind me again WHY she’s so successful?


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